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Is it me or is this Gingerbread update a complete FAIL???


Is it me or is this Gingerbread update a complete FAIL???

I really think I may be going insane.  I never upgrade immediately after a release and, for some stupid reason, I did the upgrade to Gingerbread (on my HTC Evo) the day it came out.  I have had nothing but problems, including, but not limited to:

Won't retain any of my settings (e.g., I use LauncherPro, and it keeps going back to HTC Sense, even with the defaults changed; won't keep my wallpaper setting; won't keep my message notification setting).

Battery power has been cut IN HALF.  I have an extended battery that used to last me at least all day, and now barely gets me through to noon.

Internal memory usage is either being reported incorrectly (causing me to get a "low memory" notification even though I've added nothing to the phone), or the upgrade doubled the system's use of memory.

Bluetooth quality has disintegrated. Half the time, I can't be heard (and that has NEVER been a problem prior to this).

I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting, but those are the highlights.

Anyone else experiencing this?  Who to I go to with this problem? Sprint? HTC?

Anyone know how to "un-upgrade" back to Froyo?



it was a complete failure, I am also having problems, my voicemail notifications shows up every time I power on my phone, and for some strange reason after about an hour of my phone being powered on it does a power cycle, I called sprint she said the power cycle was something new, but I told her it only started after this damn update. I am so regretting this update. its very annoying all around, some techs they have this should have been taken care of sooner, and cant they just resend the old software to us over the air.    problem solved!!!

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