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Market Place


Market Place

I got the HTC Arrive yesterday and we went to the sprint store to get internet put on the phone, now today it won't let me try or install apps everytime i try to install or try an app it says can't get this info right now check back in a little while and when i try to install an app or try an app using wifi it says "you need to update your phone using zune software on your computer" but, zune isn't campatible with my computer and everytime i plug my phone into the computer it doesn't show up!!! Now I just talked to a sprint person on the phone and he tried to help me and he did something over the phone but it didn't work after I got off the phone and tried to use my internet it said it couldn't connect so now my internet isn't working on my phone because he didn't know what he was doing I need help this is ridiculous I just got this phone yesterday and already i'm having problems!!!!!

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