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SMS timestamp - 5 hour error


SMS timestamp - 5 hour error

Hello all --

Two phones, an HTC One M8 HK (Marshmallow, activated 01/2015) and an HTC Bolt (Nougat,activated late 2017) both on Sprint PCS. Both were purchased at Sprint. We have been Sprint subscribers since 2004.


I spent today about 4 hours and 6 technicians at Sprint *2 support to no avail, regarding the following.


When I send a text message the time stamp is correct. When I receive a text message the time stamp is five hours in advance. For example, when I send a text Feb 7 at 10pm, and receive an instant reply, the reply is time stamped as Feb 8 3:02am. Second example, I can text myself at 5pm and when the text arrives it is time stamped as 10pm. This issue has been a nuisance for a couple months, and is present on both phones from Sprint.


Other posts to these boards seem not to offer the solution. The first technician I spoke to suggested I take into a Sprint store, which is the last thing I want to do, as all they ever want to do is just wipe the phone, the sign of an incompetent scoundrel.


So, to the issue at hand, is there a solution to these time stamp issues? And, for my greater edification, where do the time stamps come from?


TIA, Mark



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Re: SMS timestamp - 5 hour error

since its affecting two different phones (same manufacturer but different phones)i would lean more towards it being a network issue. are you running anything like google voice that handles texts and calls? is this mainly happening while in a certain location (home, work)? does it stop happening once you leave the area or go out of town or does the problem follow you? and what all has been attempted so far to try and troubleshoot it?
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