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copy pics and videos from phone?


copy pics and videos from phone?

does anyone know how i can copy pics and videos from my phone to my computer? (htc evo design 4g)


copy pics and videos from phone?

You need to install HTC Sync

Synchronize Your Device Using HTC Sync

After you’ve selected the items you want to synchronize, you can now synchronize your device and your computer. Check the estimated usage bar beside the

Sync now

button for the estimated file size of new items to sync on your device.

1. Connect your device to the computer with the supplied USB cable.

2. On your device’s Choose a connection type screen, touch

HTC Sync and then touch Done


3. On the Device panel on your computer, click

Sync now.

4. After synchronization is complete, click


5. Safely remove your device as required by your computer’s operating system.

The next time you connect your device to your computer, synchronization automatically begins based on your sync options.

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