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prl for evo3d

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prl for evo3d

When can we expect a working prl


prl for evo3d

Sprint completely botched this one.  Just fix it yourself using ESPT and find the last PRL that worked good like 20810.  Here was my night with Sprint:

-Spent an hour on the phone with a very nice Sprint rep going through everything you could imagine.  I asked her a few questions like "am I showing green or orange on your system" and she said "wow! how do you even know about this??" She knew that I have already been troubleshooting myself so we started to do a few more advanced things beyond things I might have tried....Then I get disconnected.  Since I have GV integrated I miss a lot of calls so I missed the 2 times she tried to call back. Phone still on 1X.

I call back and simply say

Me:  "I have been on the phone for an hour and we've gone through all the troubleshooting processes you can imagine and I'm still getting 1X displayed"

Rep: What is 1x? So you are roaming? Do you not see the 3G?

Me: You can have 1x and not roam you's a matter of data speeds

Rep: I'm going to need you to start from the beginning trouble shooting, take the phone out of the back

Me: I've done all of this, please look at the notes on my account and you'll see all of our steps we took

Rep: Our systems are down so I cant

Me: Ok, if I could get my MSL that would be great because I'm going to downgrade my PRL and do it myself (yeh I know guys I misplaced it from the first call so I needed it again)

Rep: "That's on the back of your phone"

Me: "Umm, that's the MEID, I need the 6 digit code"

Rep: "What do you want it for? Are you going to sell it?"

Me: Are you serious right now? What would I even sell??? The code? The phone? This phone isnt worth $5 bucks right now only getting 1x speeds.  Please let me speak to your supervisor

Rep: We're closed now and I'm the only person left.

Me: I'll call in the AM thanks

I was so furious b/c I cant even get on the freaking internet all day long and then this guy accuses me of wanting to sell the MSL code.....WTF does that even mean??? Sell a MSL code???? Really???? How does this guy even work for Sprint and not know what 1x is and not to mention be ignorant enough to think you can sell MSL codes like they are freaking gold or something.

I suggested that they do some googling to realize that this PRL is effecting quite a few people and they need a gameplan to help these people and not make accusations especially when they're wanting information to fix the problem that Sprint created.


prl for evo3d

Hey everyone,

     Just in case you haven't seen or received the prompt for the new update, we have corrected this issue. The new PRL should be rolling out today if you haven't received it yet you can go to Menu > Settings > System Updates > Update PRL. This should correct the issue.

Link to original post.

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