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Blocking Incoming Private and Unknown Numbers


Blocking Incoming Private and Unknown Numbers

I am getting over 15 robo calls a day from Private/Unknown/Restricted numbers. How do I block them? On the samsung you could block unknown numbers, but not on HTC. Plus Sprint doesn't offer that feature on the website. This is very frustrating, not to mention the lack of a headphone jack, but that's another thread.

Sprint Social Care

Re: Blocking Incoming Private and Unknown Numbers

phonefan12, thank you for contacting us. Those type of calls can be such an irritating inconvenience. In this case, since this smartphone does not include an option to block unknown numbers, you can download and install  a call blocking apps from the GooglePlay to stop getting these calls. As a last resort you also have the option to change phone numbers (You can find more information about this process @ )

Sprint Social Care Team.
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