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Sprint Product Ambassador HTC Desire 510 Camera


I'm really enjoying the HTC desire 510 and so far this med grade phone is priced right. I've never own an entry level or mid grade device only high end, but the HTC Desire 510  is great for consumers that wants the high end feel with out paying the high end price. The HTC Desire 510 comes with 5 megapixel camera and HD video recording and the camera has a selfie feature where you can set a timer up to 10 seconds so you can get your poise just right for the perfect selfie, non of my other devices have a selfie feature so what a wonderful surprise.  See pictures taking with the HTC Desire 510 below.


    htc510 MAG0022.jpg

The HTC Desire 510 has dual front and rear facing cameras it also support Chat- style messaging.