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Sprint Product Ambassadors: Zoe, Auto-Awesome, and Google+ stories

Sprint Product Ambassador

ZOE pic.pngWe take pictures of everything.  Now that our phones can take HD pictures, video, and albums of events with next to no effort, there are quite a few options for you to take pictures and share them with the world in a unique, clean, and highly polished product.  HTC and Google have taken that idea and branded it, each in their own way, to provide a great option for the photojournalist in all of us.Google+ stories.png

HTC has developed the zoe experience for those of us who enjoy taking pictures with our phone.  Zoe is an automated engine that runs in the background on the stock gallery on your HTC Desire 510 or One series handset.  It will group photos from one location, or event, or date, and group them together.  It will also apply filters to those photos to slightly change the final product of each picture.  It will stitch those photos together with slideshow transitions, and use an MP3 on your current device as background music to create a musical slideshow that can be shared as a video.  You have probably already seen it and not even known it.  It is so easy to use, you may not know that you are using it.  Zoe on your htcdesire510 will do the work for you and you won't know the difference!

Android now loads the "Photos" app on most of your devices anymore, and does an auto-backup of photos to the cloud.  Although a lot of people are not a fan of how Google stores ALL of your information, the end result with google+ stories is pretty amazing  Photos are stitched together auto-awesome.pngin a virtual picturebook that can be shared on your social circles.  Again, they are grouped via a specific event, date, or location, and then stitched together.  The final product is very slick, including an actual page turning animation that gives users the feel of browsing through a picture book.

Lastly, there is the Auto-Awesome feature in Google Photos.  I will eventually look up the criteria for how Google knows what pictures are AWESOME and what pictures that it can make "Auto-Awesome", but what it comes down to is this.  Google will review pics that are on your mobile device, and then select them... probably based on some form of empirical data that has to do with lighting, contrast, focus, exposure, etc.  It may or may not apply filters, or string multiple photos together to create the illusion of animation, or just add a REALLY well taken photo to the category... but the end result is that there is a category in the menu with all of your Auto-Awesome photos.  These are the best of the best... spectacular photos of your 8yo tackling a soccer ball away, or your cousin blowing out his birthday candles, or even a still life of your very tasty breakfast that you made on Saturday morning.  It's random (in my eyes, at least), but also another neat way to review the photos you have taken with your HTC Desire 510.

Although it's not the best camera on the market, it does allow you to create these experiences that you can share with your friends and family.  The camera is repsonsive and does a good enough job when you are out and about.  And add in any of these enhancements, and no one will know the difference!



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