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3/14 - HTC EVO 3D Software Update - 2.95.651.5


3/14 - HTC EVO 3D Software Update - 2.95.651.5

HTC EVO 3D Software Update - 2.95.651.5


- Stream AVI files via DLNA

- Improve Messaging application loading time

- Sprint Connections Optimizer

Important Notes

- Software version is 2.95.651.5

- Refer to the HTC EVO 3D Software Updates blog for install information


I have (unfortunately) installed the update and Swype no longer works.  Here is what I have found:

-The Swype version after the update is:

-Since the update Swype does not show the current language under settings

-In the past I have inadvertently changed the language from English to Spanish from the keyboard language button (ES vs. EN); now nothing happens when I click the little globe.

Can someone (who hasn't installed this update) reply with the Swype version on your phone, found by long pressing the "S" with the finger on the lower left of the keyboard, then clicking "Preferences", then scroll to the bottom and select "Version".


All of you having problems.. ROOT your phones, install nandroid backup and install whatever ROM you want.. with the ability to back up and restore on the fly.. If something goes wrong you restore to previous backup.. it's that simple and you still get over the air support when you need it.  I've had screen issues with my 3vo, where it had some sort of flex issue and was randomly clicking all over the screen like it was being worked remotely.  After Sprint replaced it, I rooted it.  Installed a custom Sense rom with all the fixin's and just the other day.. I needed tech support because of what I thought was a bad digitizer.  The tech rep flashed new digitizer software to my phone and walla.. all is good.  I have a rom which takes out all bad OTA updates and put in just the optimizer.. If you can follow directions, if you can bake brownies... you can root your phone... all the info you need is here -> xda-developers



Swipe broke for me too.. fortunately I had Swiftkey which works like a charm. And for Jelly Bean I think we can just forget about it, I don't think it will happen.

Once my contract is over I will buy next nexus phone directly from Google or a Samsung Galaxy S4 unlocked.

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