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Apps that will mess up my phone.


Apps that will mess up my phone.

Is there a list anywhere of apps recommended to never install on my Evo 3D(i.e Advanced Task Killer and most other Task management apps)?


Re: Apps that will mess up my phone.

There isn’t a list which will give you info not to install  app from Android Market. I think this link may be helpful how to be safe and find trusted apps.It's a 3rdpty link, Sprint don’t support or authorize this link.


Apps that will mess up my phone.

     In addition to task killers, avoid any type of anti-virus, they tend to cause problems with freezing and slow-down. Another type of app be be careful with, though you don't have to entirely avoid them, is 3rd party launchers. If configured poorly, especially with graphically intensive settings, they can cause slow down as well as force close errors.

     Any type of app can potentially cause issues if designed for a different model of phone or different version of android. Some widgets that access the memory card a lot can cause issues as well as some live wallpapers. I carefully read comments in the market to see what other users have said about the app before downloading. Pay special attention to people's rating if they state they are running it on the same phone as yourself.


Apps that will mess up my phone.

agreed. it also helps to look at how many people have actually downloaded it. doesnt always mean its a great app if alot of people have it...just means alot more people rating it and hopefully commenting on it.

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************
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