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Bad Experience with HTC Evo 3D and even worse experience with Sprint Customer Service


Bad Experience with HTC Evo 3D and even worse experience with Sprint Customer Service

I have been a sprint customer for over 10 years. Up until 2 months ago when I purchased the HTC Evo 3d I was a huge fan of HTC and was happy with Sprint. I purchased the 3d to replace my EVO 3g which I lost while on vacation. Right away i started having issues with the phone (the screen is dim on 1 side, and the side that is bright has a light that lights up half the screen and never turns off - even when the phone is powered off). I figured it would be an easy fix and as soon as i returned home from vacation i went into my local sprint store and explained my situation to the man at the sign in desk, he advised the tech was off sundays and i would need to return another day. I work very long hours and travel, when i finally got to see my local tech she looked at the phone and claimed she had nnever seen anything like it and she would file an insurance claim for a refurbished phone. I thought that because it was a brand new device i would get a brand new replacement if my phone couldnt be fixed - but apparently because the tech wasnt there when i went in the first time (wthin a 14 day grace period i knew nothing about) i would have to go thru insurance, and to boot the phone was backordered. The tech was very pleasant but iwasnt satisfied so I asked to see the manager. The manager was rude and completely unhelpful, she informed me that on my previous phone (that was replaced right in the store the same day i brought it in with issues) i had been lied to by the sprint tech who told me he was giving me a brand new device and i had been given a refurbished 1. and i would under no circumstances get a new phone this time. When i explained that i travel for a living and am not always near an outlet where i can charge the phone (this issue with the light drains the battery) i was told to remove the battery when not using the phone. I was flabergasted - they refused to even offer a loaner phone until mine arrived. I was told that when the refurbished phone was available it would be sent to my house - i still havent received it. Today i had an emergency and was unable to call for help because my battery was dead causing me to be stuck and inconvieneced for over 2 hours. When i finally made it home i called sprint to demand to know when my phone would come and was told it was delivered several days ago to the sprint store.... they lied again, and then still havent called me to tell me they have the replacement! this whole horrible day could have been avoided if they had. i will never buy another HTC and when my contracts are up on my 4 lines i will be switching providers.

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