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Blue Tooth, ftp service not found on target device

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Blue Tooth, ftp service not found on target device

I have paired my 3VO with my win7 pc, I can select a file on the pc  and right click and send to blue tooth. I can also use astro on the 3VO and select a file and send to pc via blue tooth what I CAN'T do is browse my 3VO in explorer it says "

ftp service not found on target device" even though I have selected FTP Server under Blue tooth advance settings on the 3VO. I have unpaired and repaired a couple of times as well.

You are supposed to be able to browse the files on you 3VO with your PC.

Anyone got this to work?



Re: Blue Tooth, ftp service not found on target device

Don't know what the exact problem is  but is sounds like the the bluetoorh profile for ftp or the sdap profile is not matching up  correctly to allow this function.  There are not tweaks for blue tooth profiles   The other possiblilty is the profile was written to restrict access .

FTP enables a Bluetooth device to perform file operations on another Bluetooth device and to upload or download files. This profile allows typical file operations such as browse, open, create, cut, copy, paste, delete, drag-and-drop files or folders. However, a Bluetooth device may be programmed by its manufacturer to restrict access by another Bluetooth device to only certain file types or file operations.

You can also connect your device to the PC and slect connect as   diskdrive/mass storage  and use the computer t o browse the data on the sd card.  You can also transfer files use cut and paste or drag and drop.

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Blue Tooth, ftp service not found on target device

The Evo series doesn't come with FTP Profile enabled; you can find software in the market to enable it.

However, FTP over Bluetooth is dog-slow.  I gave up and went to WiFi File Explorer - you can browse and copy files via WiFi from your phone to your PC at serious speeds.

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Blue Tooth, ftp service not found on target device

Well I was playing around with PDAnet and all of a sudden it started allowing me to browse my 3VO from explorer over BT. I don't think it actually has anything to do with PDAnet but who knows.

All I know is it is possible, I just dont know how to help anyone else do it.

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