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Camera: Shutter Lag, Focus Lag, something is lagging bad.


Camera: Shutter Lag, Focus Lag, something is lagging bad.

I love the EVO 3D's camera for still shots but one issue I've only seem to have is how late & delayed the camera is when taking pictures.

This is with both the onscreen button & 2-stage shutter button & the time it takes for the camera to capture the subject.

Removing the auto focus, geo-tagging etc. doesn't remedy this. The older EVOs do not suffer this problem so it must be a bug in the software.

Please address this as the camera is one of the main attractions on this phone.

Thank you.


     Have you noticed it start to slow down as you've taken more pictures or are you saying it's always been slow? If you've noticed it starting to get slower, I would suggest maybe clearing the data/cache from the camera application under settings > applications > manage applications.

Have you looked into a faster SD card? I believe that people have reported faster camera responsiveness after moving to faster class of SD card. I also know there's several applications on market that help improve some camera functions, I've heard good things about Vignette and I believe it has a feature for improving the speed of returning to camera.


No, I've noticed when I tried to take a shot of something, heard the capture sound, & as I pull the phone down I come to find out it was delayed in actually taking the photo. I've cleared the cache & the data not only on the app but the phone recently, I have the class 4 card that came with the EVO 3D. I thought that might've done the trick but sadly no.

Yes, Vignette is a perfect example, that does capture properly, which is why I said this may be a software bug in the HTC camera app.


might as well clear the data on the video app as well seeing as how they use the same things. doesnt hurt.

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

Have you tried to disable the photo review??

You could always touch the little thumbnail pic in the lower left corner to review the pic.


I've done that.

The best way to test this is to have your fingers pinched together, the index finger & the thumb (like the "ok gesture).

Have your evo's camera ready & open & aim at your pinched fingers. The second you hit the on-screen button to snap the photo, release your fingers at the same time. You get an idea of how bad the lag is (even after turning off every assist & photo review).

Then you'll get an idea of what is happening.

I've tried this with the Sensation, EVO 4G, EVO Shift & Nexus S. They don't have this problem.

I also use an EVO 3D in the store & it had the exact same problem, running the latest update firmware.

Nothing a Hard Reset fixed or a higher class SD card, something is definitely wrong with the stock camera software. As other 3rd party camera apps don't have this issue.

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