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Convert 3D to 2D?


Convert 3D to 2D?

How do you convert 3D photos/movies to 2D in order to view it on your PC or to share with other people without 3D? I thought it would be a built in feature but i can't seem to find it.

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Convert 3D to 2D?

You can change pictures to 2D, but I don't believe you can change the movies through the phone.  To change the pictures, go into your gallery and select the picture to display it full screen.  Once the picture is displayed full screen, tap it and choose the edit icon (second from the left on the bottom).  Then choose Save as 2D from the menu, and it will created a 2D copy of the picture in your gallery.  I'm sure if you search google, you can find some sort of program for your computer that is able to convert 3D movies to 2D.



Convert 3D to 2D?

Correct. Also, if you've already transfered the file to a computer, you can simply change the file extension from .mpo to .jpg to view the picture in 2D.

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