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Dangers of selling water damaged Evo 3D


Dangers of selling water damaged Evo 3D

I went into the ocean with my phone in my pocket as any fool would. It will not work. I didn't try to power it on for three days. When I did, the red indicator light came on, sometimes the navigation LEDs at the bottom would come on sometimes flickering. Today I put another battery in and I got red and green alternating indicator lights, then I took the battery out and it went back to doing what I previously stated.

I cannot get it to power on to reset it to factorys ettings. I tried a usb cable and it would not connect to my computer. My question is if I sell it, will the person who buys it be able to access my email, texts, and other info? If it cannot be repaired but used for parts will the parts contain  this info? Not everything was on the sd card which still works and which I removed.

I do not want to have to change all of my passwords just to make a buck. It has a clean ESN and I already sold it on ebay, but have since cancelled the transaction because it dawned on me they might be able to get into my accounts.

Is there a way to reset it in this condition, or is there no way for the individual to get access to my accounts?

Eat the loss or sell?



Re: Dangers of selling water damaged Evo 3D

Here you go

Hard reset on the HTC EVO, EVO 3d, Shift, & Design

  • Remove and Replace Battery
  • Press and hold “Volume DOWNPOWER
  • Android System Recovery will appear
  • Use “Volume DOWN” to scroll to and highlight “clear storage”
  • Press “POWER” button to select “clear storage” (Factory Reset on the Shift)
  • Press “Volume UP” to confirm RTN, press “Volume DOWN” to cancel

It will be like it came out of the box. You need to format the SD card or replace it as it will not clear with the above procedure.



Re: Dangers of selling water damaged Evo 3D

I don't think there might be any chances that they will be able to access your info. That because salt water is worst then regular water, and they use parts in most cases not to rebuild a phone but to melt it down and sell the metal. Some circuit boards might be reused, but all the rebuild phones, undergo a hard erase and rewrite.

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