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Data outage!!


Data outage!!

Today I woke up around 5am and tried to use my internet, sometimes I know Sprint can be slow but my loading bar was just stuck there and nothing was happening. So I did some updates to see if I could get my data to work but nothing worked. This sucks for Sprint to be having all kind of outages in the New Orleans Market and there are no explanations for this. When I call into customer service they tell me there are updating the towers and my service may not work for the next few days, really come on man you guys need to get this together. You dont want to credit me for the time I'm out of service and your customer service sucks. Something needs to be done about this, I need my phone for work!


Re: Data outage!!

I apologize for the issue. Can I have your zipcode please  so that I can  check  if there is any reported outage going on at your location?


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