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Does anyone else in the Treasure Coast (Florida) have signal/speed issues???


Does anyone else in the Treasure Coast (Florida) have signal/speed issues???

I've lived in Port St. Lucie, FL for the last 6 years. 2 of which I've had Sprint. I've had Verizon for years and the service was good everywhere. Sprint has been good for the most part.

I've gotten several dropped calls in the current year and have had 2-3 day episodes where my data is at .01mbps???   Like today -the reason I'm on here now.

The fastest I've ever seen their 3G service is at 1.38mbps but it almost always is .38mbps

My AT&T iPhone was always fast and never had service/speed issues. My Verizon Razr & Env Touch were great as well. It's the Evo 4G and my Current Evo 3D.   Maybe it's an issue with the HTC radios.

I'm looking for some insight from others in the area that may have signal/speed issues so I can make a choice on weather to stay with them or leave when my contract is up in June!

There are plenty of faster services in the area and I need to make sure. I will never buy another phone from them because their new Early Term Fee is $350 per line the first 6 mos, then slowly goes down from there to $100 the last 4/5 months.

Thank you for reading this and replying. Feedback is def appreciated.

On another note: The only reason I got involved with Sprint is because the Chubby sales guy at the Jensen Beach Mall told me that on 9/10 there would be 4G in the Treasure Coast. Here we are 4/12 and still nothing. What a liar. I loved my iPhone. Data and speed is an issue for me and that is why I switched for the faster speed. Sprint 3G is slow as turtles.

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