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EVO 3D Freezing up


EVO 3D Freezing up

Is any one else experiencing freezing up issues with their EVO 3D. When I am in an application and exit out, or refresh, the phone is very consistant in reseting back to the HTC and Sprint start-up screens everytime. I have already had the phone replaced once before due to software related issues (As stated by the Sprint Tech) and I am being told that I would have to have it replaced again for a refurbished phone.


EVO 3D Freezing up

There are so many things that can cause the phone to freeze up...any number of applications such as anti-virus or task killers, or maybe the software needs to be updated...or maybe it could be a hardware problem with the processor...or could it be getting too hot?...I know the Sense launcher on the Evo 4G used to restart constantly until they updated the software and now it doesn't really do it anymore...maybe there needs to be a software update to fix the Sense issue...regardless I do apologize for the trouble you have had...most people who have used the 3D think it's a great phone.  Have you had a tech look at your current Evo 3D?



EVO 3D Freezing up

I agree with robotaholic, I have had a EVO 3D since the first day and have installed each upgrade as it came avalible. I have had No issues with the phone other than trying out a program or two that was a usage hog. I keep my system running pretty clean. every week or so I do a hard shutdown/batt pull, just to reset the phone. After doing that I look and see what programs start on their own and close the ones I dont use daily.

First thing I would do is go into apps >.running and see what programs are running and loading in the background. Many are not needed all the time and you can stop the program. You may have one that is hosing your system. While looking there see how much memory you have avalible for programs. You may have some rouge program sucking up your avalible memory. Also some programs let you move them to the SD card. A good idea for some that want alot of your system memory.

If you are having problems after the tech looked at it, what programs did you add? What program are you using when it starts to act up? Questions you should ask yourself.

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