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EVO 3D Ice Cream Sandwhich 4.0 is Finally Here for Sprint


EVO 3D Ice Cream Sandwhich 4.0 is Finally Here for Sprint

Woke up this morning and manually checked for an update.  The notification for ICS came up and I am downloading it as I type this.  Is everyone else downloading it?  What does everyone think?

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only way i have found to silence the shutter is by the volume control buttons on the right side of the phone while inside the app.


The volume button acts as the zoom control for me when in the camera app.  Am I missing something?  Also, another thing I don;t like about the upgrade is that they took away the trash can when you tap on the picture in the gallery. You now have to go to the "More" menu and then delete and then confirm that you want to delete.


sound settings and turn off the media volume by moving the slider

see if that works


Speaking of volume controls, didn't the EVO used to have seperate controls for notification and ringer volume before the upgrade?


Nope, doesn't work. Camera sounds are all still there.  And yes, I think the ringer and notification settings were seperate.  I'll have to check on my wife's 3D as I haven't updated hers yet.  I like my email notification to be somewhat quiet but my ringer volume up.  Not possible now.  On the other hand, the speaker seems louder now.  Is this possible?


PHXJAG75, I'm with you.  I want to be able to hear my phone if it rings at night but don't want to be kept awake by those constant nagging email notifications!


I got my messaging working finally. It was because I had never deleted texts before.

And as for the ring/notification volume. I downloaded the volume control plus app I believe I is called. And you can adjust volumes of ring notifications, alarms, etc separately.



Unfortunately, When I tried to adjust the ringer volume with Volume Control +, the notification volume automagically adjusted in lock step.  I guess the 2 are somehow tied to each other.


Hey Fergie,

I too am having a few issues. 

1. My front camer is also NOT working. When I try to switch from the back 3D cameras to the front one, it just flips the image upside down. Even tried to get it work through the face recognition lock screen, same result.

2. When I click on my text messages from the notification screen at the top of the screen, instead of taking me directly to the text message to view it, it takes me to the lock screen all over again. 

3. The phone seems to be going directly to the lock screen on its own also after i let it sit for a few minutes.  I re-downloaded the "no screen lock" app but it doesnt seem to be correcting the problem.

4. At first my music library wouldn't load at all.  I restarted my phone a few times and just keep pressing on the library button at the top right corner in order to get it to work.  Finally when it did find my music files, I clicked on one of the songs to start and then it loaded the rest of my music into the player.  That seems to be the only way for me to load all my music into the player.

That seems to be the only issues im having.  My battery life seems like it actually improved.  I havent used the "stock" messaging app cause I use Handcent messaging so I dont know if that will eventually give me problems but if it does I wont use it anways.  Thanks in advance, hope this helps u guys in fixing these issues and if you have a fix already, I'll greatly appreicate it. 



Wow.  I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing so many issues since your ICS update. Many of the issues you are having are not standard issues with the update.  I'm wondering if your device might be having other issues that have nothing to do with the ICS update.

1.  The camera should allow you to switch to front.  I even tried enabling 3D mode to see if it wouldn't allow you to swap, and it automatically disabled 3D mode when you switch to the front-facing camera. 

2.  If your phone is redirecting you to different screens, that usually means that it's reading a history of some kind within a phone.  For instance, if I attempt to and don't complete sending a picture message using my text messaging application and I leave it on the gallery, it will automatically take me to my gallery the next time I attempt to open the application.  This will change only if I open the application, then select the back arrow to take me back to the text application.  If this is not resolving your issue, you may be experiencing a corruption in your operating system.

3.  The lock screen is not designed to be disabled.  If the 3rd party application you are using is not functioning since the ICS update, I would recommend information the developer of a compatibility issue since the update. 

4.  The music issue that you're having appears to be another routing issue within your device.

If you're still having all of these issues, we may need to flash your operating system.  This is a soft reset that we would need to perform on your device which would erase no information on the device.  If you'd like me to walk you through those steps, I will need you to private message me your personal telephone number and security pin or answer to the security question.

To private message:

1.  Click on my name (Below my picture)

2.  Select Send Private message  (Under Actions on the far right)

I'll need this information so I can provide you the password necessary to perform the reset.  If the soft reset does not resolve your issue, a factory data reset may be necessary (this would erase all non-backed up information).  Hopefully this will not be the necessary in your case, though.   I look forward to hearing from you so we can begin to resolve your issue as soon as possible.



Sprint Technical Support

Hours: 9am-8pm CST Sunday-Wednesday


I'm happy to say that I too have no issues.  I am a little disappointed that there is no panorama, cannot resize widgets and the hub does not have flashlight or tip calculator anymore.


First time to post, so hope I'm doing correctly. I have had to issues on EVO 3d update...have question on whether or not "pinch to minimize" function for web browsing is gone. Can't get it to work any longer...loved it!!

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