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EVO 3D contacts issue or user error?


EVO 3D contacts issue or user error?

Three days ago, I added a new contact by hitting People-->+.  The account type was set to Google.  I entered the name, email address and phone number and saved the information.  Today I tried to access that contact through People, but when I searched, the name didn't come up.  So, I checked my Gmail Contacts on my computer and it was in there.  Then, I tried to send him an email and text from my phone, and both came up, even though I couldn't see him in People.  I checked People-->View and both Google (my gmail) and Phone were/are checked. Checked my sync settings and they are set to automatic for Google. Did another sync, then re-checked for his name in People and still couldn't find it.  Eventually, I added his name again, this time as a Phone contact.  Within a few seconds HTC Sense found the commonality and synced the contacts.

My questions is, why didn't that contact show up in People from the beginning?  I could have sworn that other contacts I added that way were automatically added to my People list.  Is it a phone error, a user error or do I just need to rely on HTC sense to handle that?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I should probably add, as an addendum, that I changed a different contact in Gmail from my computer earlier this morning, and those changes showed up in my phone right away.  That person had already existed in my phone since the day I got it, though.



     If you had it setup to view both Google and Phone contacts it should normally be displayed. Have you tried duplicating it by adding a completely new contact again?


You need to go to Google- Contacts- make sure that all Phone numbers are showing up under "My Contacts" instead of "Other Contacts". If you have your phone numbers under "Other Contacts" do this step to make sure all contacts are transferred to "My Contacts". Click on "Other Contacts"-highlights all contacts under "Other Contacts" and click on Add to Contacts" and then go to "More Actions"- Find and Merge Duplicates-click ok. Then do Google sync. Hope this helps.


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