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Evo 3D camera not working


Evo 3D camera not working

I bought my Evo3D the day after it was realesed.. until a few days ago it was working just fine. now the main camera wont work. the screen is blank. i can see all the options, i can take pictures but i cant see what im taking a picture of. also when i take the picture i comes out in wierd colors... plus i cant take video, 3D shots or 3D video. does any one have any idea on what i should do???

i tryed to post a picture from my evo but the system isn't working it says unknown error...


Evo 3D camera not working

Don't know if will do anything, but its always a good idea to power down the phone and remove the battery for at least 5 minutes, then replace it and power up the phone again whenever you experience strange things.


Evo 3D camera not working

i tried that but it didnt work i  think the camera might be broken... but thanks any way i know the a lot of the problems can get resolved but removeing the battery. god thing is a TEP on my account so i will probably take it to a repair center...


Evo 3D camera not working

I checked on our known device issues list and couldn’t able to find any known issues with the main camera, probably have something do with the phone hardware. Visit Sprint Service and Repair Store to do a diagnostic check and get the issue resolved.

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