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Evo 3D extended battery 3500mAh for $11.99


Evo 3D extended battery 3500mAh for $11.99

     Does any one have issues on the battery life spam for EVO 3D? It  seems like if I actually use my phone and play with my apps, the battery  life can not last through the day! This is very frustrating, what is  the point of all these features when it the phone dies in a few hours =(. 

I recently found out there are extended battery out there so I searched on Amazon and bought this extended battery for $11.99.

So far this solved my battery issue, just wanted to share this out for others who might need a solution for this battery problem. I have to say the pricing for this item was really good, no issue so far.

thoughts and suggestions?

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Evo 3D extended battery 3500mAh for $11.99

The extended batteries are the way to go if you want the confidence to make it through the day on a single charge.  The EVO 3d, like other smartphones, is a powerful computing device and because of what it can do it requires a lot of battery power.  Batteries have come a long way in a short amount of time, who would have thought ten years ago that you could have a cell phone that would last over a day and yet still fit neatly in your pocket.  One thing I would like to see is phone companies selling these phones with an extended battery option from launch day (an OEM battery).  Sprint eventually released a 2600 mah battery for the original EVO 4g but it took quite a while before they did.  Also more extended case options would be nice.  I will say this about the stock battery for the 3d if you use it moderately it will get you through the day but it can get pretty low around 7:00 pm.  Just a few thoughts, Rick


Re: Evo 3D extended battery 3500mAh for $11.99

Thanks for posting that information, dsmp!  I seriously need to consider buying an extended battery for my EVO 3D, since my current battery's performance is bad.  On June 10th, I switched from AT&T and the iPhone 3GS to Sprint and the EVO 4G/3D (exchanged the 4G for the 3D on June 25th when the 3D was first available).  The battery life on the 4G was bad, so I thought getting the 3D with its bigger battery would help (on top of it having a better processor, etc.).  The battery on my 3D has been as bad as, if not worse than, the 4G.  I need to do as one of the representatives mentioned and go to a Sprint store that does repairs and have them test my battery.  I have documented my battery issues,, as well as all of the others.

I'm tired of always having to worry about a charger being accessible.  I used my iPhone much more than the EVOs, and it was very rare that the battery wouldn't last through the day.  Maybe the operating system (Android vs. iOS) plays a part in it.  If the rumors are true about Sprint getting the iPhone, and, if the iPhone will be 4G capable, I would have waited to make the switch and got another iPhone.  Sorry to rant.  Now, to my question...

How much bulkier does the extended battery make the phone?  I have a silicone case on my 3D, and my concern is it not fitting properly.

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