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Evo 3d won't boot past sprint screen


Evo 3d won't boot past sprint screen

Phone won't boot past the white sprint screen, it is not rooted and recovery doesn't work, just gives me a triangle with an exclamation point. scrolls through a list and all say no image when first loading into hboot. don't want to have to reset the phone have a lot of data i don't want lost. any help would be greatly appreciated.


Evo 3d won't boot past sprint screen

I am sorry you are having this problem and can't even use your phone.  At this point, i recommend visiting a Sprint Service & Repair Center.  We have a system called Slate that can connect to the Evo 3D and analyze the problem and may have a solution or may be able to reload the software...I know you don't want to lose your personal information, but at this point we may have to focus on just getting your phone up and running again...



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