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HTC EVO 3D data and call signal problem!!!


HTC EVO 3D data and call signal problem!!!

So sheldon, is the replacement the same hardware version? I'm curious, do you know what your signal strength was with your 4G?

I had my phone in to the service center yesterday, just to settle my own curiosity. I learned some interesting things while I was there, but mostly opinions. Anyway, the rep told me that the phone failed, quickly. The "SNR" test, I believe. However, on the printout, it showed everything as passed except "Google Market Registration". ??????

I'm confused. I noticed on the 40min. drive over there, that I had periods of excellent signal strength and dropouts too. On the way home, i dropped a call to my wife as I entered the east side of my home city, I watched/heard the signal degrade to nothing and right after it dropped, I had five bars again. It seems this phone has an issue locking on to a signal and passing from tower to tower. Maybe it's just sprint.

All I know at this point is that this phone has been more frustration than it's worth. I'm still in the dark as to whether or not it's just the service in my area (we're apparently an affiliate market, not sprint corporate) I'm not going to keep changing out phones just to get one that works right either. I guess what's most frustrating is that carriers are trying to outdo eachother so much that they're pushing out new models as fast as they can, before an adequate test period can be done on the hardware/network which leads to all sorts of headaches for the consumers. That's not value in my opinion. I will say this, however, for the two years I had verizon, I had to call tech support ZERO times. Looks like I'll be switching back.


HTC EVO 3D data and call signal problem!!!

Well brand new phone in hand, so far my dBm strength is exactly the same as the old phone.........

So we will see what happens call wise, I somehow doubt they tested this ones RF signal.


Re: HTC EVO 3D data and call signal problem!!!


They meantioned no numbers at all when I asked.

They said the device failed every test they threw at it when testing the antenna.

I got my phone from Amazon at full retail price which was a bit  of an issue, the good thing is that the sprint repair center offered to  swop out the device even though it was not purchased direct from them.

The  "down side" was that the replacement is "seed stock" which could be new  or refurbished, to me I personally dont care as long as the device has  no scratches and is in good working order.

I myself live literally  6 minutes away from a sprint tower and got numbers in the 70's with my  EVO 4G, outside with the 3D I get the upper 80's in dBm.

Inside I'm at 101, this happily jumps up to 112 and then drops to roaming at any time during a call and even when not in use.

I'm  lucky that I have a Sprint repair center just up the road from where I  live, I dealt with Sprint support over chat and phone and the same with  HTC.

None of them "apprently have this issue reported about the  device", when I responded to the HTC techs "thats funny cause there sure  are a bunch of people complaining about this who say they have reported  it", I then got no responce and they proceeded to move on with  troubleshooting "which simply entailed a PRL update, a Profile update  and a factory reset.

Even thought your sprint repair center is pretty far out I'm thinking this is the only real way to go to get a new device.

I'll  be curious to see if the new one has better signal, and if so what the  hardware revisions are between the replacement and this one.




HTC EVO 3D data and call signal problem!!!

Sheldon, did they mention any hard data in the results/numbers? My second unit is marginally better than the first but I'm still only getting -101dBm to -85dBm at best on this phone, outside, facing the tower (1500m away) My wifes Droid Eris (verizon) gets -60db everywhere INSIDE our house. Sprint tells me that this is an excellent coverage area, and so do some consumers I've spoken with. I was advised by tech support to take it in for an RF test, but I'm told I have to go to the service center that is 40 min. away because of some sort of market restrictions. I'm reluctant to do that, I shouldn't have to drive all the way there and back just for them to tell me that either my phone is crap or my service is. Phone tech support can't solve it, according to them there are no reported issues in my area, but they won't suggest that the phone is bad.

I monitored both units on OpenSignal and watched the phone cycle from tower to tower like the hands of a clock. I've got three towers within 2500m of my location. Seems to be a quality issue with these units, but everyone's trying to turn a blind eye to it. I have 25 of my 30 days left to make my choice, but for the headaches I'm getting from this, I'm just about ready to go back to verizon. I was really excited to get my hands on this phone and looking forward to 4G service in my area, but it's turned into major disappointment and aggravation.


HTC EVO 3D data and call signal problem!!!

Well the answer is in.

I had my local Sprint tech center run tests on the antenna and they confirmed that the phone failed the tests.

A replacement phone is on the way.


HTC EVO 3D data and call signal problem!!!


Like yourself I have been using HTC phones since Sprint started carrying the Hero. I am on my second EVO 3D in less than 30 Days! Everyone listen up: This phone

is a DUD! The Fix is coming on July 31st, Sprint is releasing the Motorolla Photon. Go to to see specs. If anyone with a 3D EVO can exchange I seriously advise doing so.



HTC EVO 3D data and call signal problem!!!

Same issue here.

I'm not focusing on bars but on what has occured from having my Evo 4G in a area that Sprint says has the "best coverage possible".

My 4G never ever went to roaming, didnt suffer from dropped calls.

The new 3d has had multiple dropped calls, Erro 78's telling me it cannot connect to data, and constant "data roaming charges may apply".

I'm seeing a lot of people not having these issues and alot who are, which make me wonder if there was just bad batches of the devices or maybe different hardware revisions that suffer from this.

My device is hardware version 0002.

I went through all the steps with sprint support and HTC support, so far nobosy has a clue.

I'm taking the phone down to Sprint's repair center this week to see if they will test the antenna to see if it may not be as sensitive as it should be.

Great phone, just the reception over all (3g/4g/call) that is letting it down for me.


HTC EVO 3D data and call signal problem!!!

Update:  7/12/2011 1:33pm

  This morning the signal got worse.  I was not even able to send text messages, some kind of "Radio Signal error".   I expected it to be cleared-out at work (11 miles from home).  The error persisted, so I rebooted.  As the phone was rebooting there were all these updates on PRL, firmware, etc.   I decided to have lunch at home and re-test the phone again after the updates.  Great surprise: I am getting between 2 and 4 bars.  My data speed has increased to 600 to 2000kbs.   I am very happy now.   I will continue testing the phone for the next 2 weeks,  if everything is working fine I will keep it otherwise I will return it. 

I am happy right now.


HTC EVO 3D data and call signal problem!!!

I am having the same issues as the other people in this forum.  It is very frustrating not to have signal at home with new evo 3d. My HTC hero worked excellent for almost 2 years.  For 5 years I did not make any single call to Sprint's call center.  With this phone I had already call Sprint twice. I will try one more time visiting a service center and if I am not satisfied I will return my phone and maybe change provider. I have been a. happy Sprint customer for almost 10 years. Many people are having issues with this phone.


HTC EVO 3D data and call signal problem!!!

The issue for me is definitely a reception issue, I have had calls dropped and had the phone go into roaming  in places where my old Evo had good coverage and never dropped calls. Started a service ticket with customer service and I am going in to the Sprint store on Saturday so the tech can run some diagnostic checks on it.