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HTC Evo 3D Reviews: Concerns with Call Quality / Reception


HTC Evo 3D Reviews: Concerns with Call Quality / Reception

Just wanted to see if anyone has had a chance to read up on any of the reviews of the 3D that hit this week? I'll include a link to another forum with links to the reviews and feedback. Note the main areas that the reviewers expressed concern were around:

  • Battery Life (Not much of a concern really, reviewers had every radio on and were using everything at once)

  • Poor Call Voice Quality - This was common across multiple reviews and is somewhat concerning

  • Issues with Reception - This wasn't as common, but is somewhat concerning nevertheless

I'd be curious if Sprint / HTC are aware of these issues experienced by the reviewers of the 3D, and if they have any way to fix them (potentially via OTA)? While the call quality reports do have me somewhat concerned, I will still try the device for myself on launch day and see for myself whether these issues are critical for me or not. The reason for me posting this thread isn't to start a panic that the Evo3D is garbage, but more in an effort to increase Sprint/HTC's visibility into these pre-launch reviews, so they can hopefully research to see if there are in fact any bugs (such as with call quality or reception). If they identify bugs, perhaps they can be fixed via OTA update?

So while the review comments do have me concerned, at this point they will not deter me from getting the 3D. I'll try it out on launch day and see for myself if it is right for me or not. I'm #1 on the pre-order list and won't sacrifice that just because of some inconsistent reviews done on what may not even be the final software we'll see on launch day.


Allyman1 wrote:


Actually the bars are an indication of available signal  strength.  However, even 1 bar will still allow conversations to take  place.  I have downloaded an app called opensignal and even when I'm  sitting 50 yards from Sprint's cell tower, my 3D signal strength  constantly fluctuates.  It has NEVER gone over 84% even when it  is within 12 inches of my AiRave or right under the cell tower.  Even  when the 3D is lying perfectly still, the reception fluctuates dramatically.  That doesn't happen on any other phone.

I'm sure that this reception (internal antenna) issue is what  causes the phone not to receive calls.  Two nights ago, I drove about 10  - 15 miles north and south of my home, pulled over at random spots and  trying calling my Evo 3D from another Evo 4G.  After dialing my number, I  could hear my line ringing and in most of the attempts, the line rings  about 8 times before my 3D actually rings the first time, or it  automatically goes to voice mail.  When that happens, there is no record  or indication that my phone rang or that I missed a call.  Most of my  contacts have told me that after my phone (or any phone) rings that  much, they just hang up.  One person told me that their phone has a call  timer on the screen and after dialing my number, it rang for 48  seconds!  It never went to voice mail and I never answered.  My phone  never showed that he called and I missed the call.

Since other Evo 4Gs  I've tried don't have this problem and two Evo 3Ds I've had exhibit the  same issues, I'm confident in concluding it's not the Sprint network,  but rather an Evo 3D problem.

The problem with bars is that there is no standard. If you are comparing two phones, you have no idea if both phones translate signal strength into bars the same way. Many phones will in fact skew the bars in such a way that makes it look like the phone is picking up more signal than it really is (that's what happens when marketing people rather than engineers are allowed to make the decision about how signal strength maps to bars).

If you really want to compare two different phones, it would be better to look for a number representing signal strength (e.g. in dBm or something). If you are comparing one phone to itself, then yeah, I guess, although call quality is probably a more reliable indicator.


I just got off the phone with Tech Support.  They Reset my data and tried calling me on both my "sprint" number and my google voice number.  My phone rang for about 5 second before going to Voicemail the first time from my sprint number.  Rang about 30 seconds from my google voice number.  She tried my Sprint number two more time and rang only on the second try.  I lose about 10 to 15 calls a day to voicemail and frustrates the heck out of my wife.  She also has and EVO 3D and it does the same thing.  This happens all over and we get great reception at home where I get about 25% of calls.  I use my phone for work and can't deal with this anymore.  We have had our phones now for over 90 days.  What can I do, can I upgrade to a better model? Or are we stuck with this crap for the next 2 years.



Since my issues were well doccumented with Sprint service & tech support since I bought the phone, I contacted a care specialist @ 1-888-211-4727.  Mine is a business account so I also emailed them:  They arranged for me to go to a sprint store to exchange my 3D for another phone.  I was told that a Samsung Galaxy S ll is closest to what I have.  Unfortunately, the store only works with an "approved list" of phones they are able to make exchanges with.  They offered me a Google Nexus which is vastly inferior to what the 3D is supposed to be; not to mention it sells for half of what I paid for my 3D.  I called back and one guy there (Mark) really went to bat for me and arranged for me to receive a new Galaxy S ll.

The new phone arrived and I've got to say that it is half the weight of the 3D, it doesn't run anywhere as hot as the 3D and when someone calls me, the phone actually rings!!!

Good luck!

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