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HTC Wallpapers disappear after reboot & Missing HTC Widgets


HTC Wallpapers disappear after reboot & Missing HTC Widgets

I really like my new EVO 3d... But I've been having some issues with missing widgets (EVO 4g had them, e.g. TIP CALCULATOR), HTC Wallpaper downloads are not sticking after a reboot, Green icons after a reboot. 

What is going on with the HTC Wallpapers not sticking in the Personalize menu under the HTC Wallpapers.  I've downloaded over 30 wallpapers from HTC Hub.  If you don't reboot the phone (Full or Fast, doesn't matter) the wallpapers remain.  But the moment I reboot, it just clears the wallpapers out along with various other settings (icons go green default, gmail stops working right, and some others.)

I really love the dualcore processor, it's a huge improvement from the original EVO4g.. So I hope a FIX is in the horizon for these issues. 

I was able to track the HTC Wallpapers are downloaded into the DOWNLOADS folder.  The particular thing about the wallpaper files is that they don't have EXTensions (jpg, png, etc.).  Once you reboot your phone, there is a pop up window which says everything in cache is getting cleared up.  I think that is what might be causing the deleted files.

Anyone know how to stop the cache from getting deleted once you reboot??


try this:

It's an issue with the Sense UI.  I've come across two methods to get your icons back.

The first is to go to personlize>scene>load any other scene, then switch back.

The other is to go to settings>applications>manage applications>all>htc sense (the first one that shows the sense clock widget)>Force stop>OK.

When sense UI reloads, all your icons will be displayed correctly.


Everything you are looking for is under HTC Hub. All the Widgets are in there and they update them almost every week with new ones. I don't have any problem with the wallpaper, I do have a personal pic in there.

I come here trying to help people and I'm NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.
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