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HTC upgrade to 2.95.651


HTC upgrade to 2.95.651

I upgraded my EVO to the latest HTC version over the weekend and now my camera does not work?  any ideas?

thanks in advance.

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Re: HTC upgrade to 2.95.651

Just curious... I've been holding off on updating my 3D since earlier this year when Swype was broken... 

Can you or anyone else confirm that Skype is working again on the latest update version?   (All the release information says is something like "Improvements to Swype functionality...",

as if it would kill them to admit that it was broken.)  

Also, did you get the camera working?   I want to run the update, but am afraid they might have fixed one thing only to break another.

Considering the number of posts in this forum, I'm getting the feeling there aren't too many 3D users left..    I've begun the process of shopping other carriers as well... just would like to squeeze a few more months out of the 3D.  It's completely inexcusable that this phone had such a short support life.



Re: HTC upgrade to 2.95.651

Have you tried pulling the battery...updating your profile...factory reset?

If you have, you may want to take it to a Sprint Store that does repairs...they can probably help if those solutions fail.

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