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Having issues with downloaded images on my Evo 3d


Having issues with downloaded images on my Evo 3d

I am not sure if I have something in my email settings that download this, but on my emails, below my name and title are image links that go to my company's facebook page, Twitter page, linkedin page, and youtube page. These images are now showing up in my downloaded images folder when I go to my gallery in my phone. There are over 600 of them in this folder now. Is there a way to stop my phone from continuing to download these images automatically? Is there also a quick way to delete all of these?


Re: Having issues with downloaded images on my Evo 3d

As far as your e-mail settings, what do you use, gmail or another e-mail.

As far as deleting the pic (more then one at a time), go under programs and select Galerie, from there go to the folder that you have the pic you want to be deleted, once that folder opens, in the bottom you will see the trash can, click in it, and you will see that the page will move but still look the same, what you need to do now is just keep clicking on the pic you want to delete, and once you are done, press delete in the bottom.

If you want to just select and delete all at once, you might want to just connect it to your computer, and open the DCIM folder, and then 100Media, or what ever folder you have in there to see all the pic.

I hope this helps Good luck.

I come here trying to help people and I'm NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.
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