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How can I retrieve old text messages?


How can I retrieve old text messages?

Curious to know if there is a way to retrieve old text messages. Any help????  Thanks!!!!!


Re: How can I retrieve old text messages?


CDMA Text Detail Record Request Policy ~

Request for actual content (words) in the message.

  • Sprint does not store text messaging content.
  • Text message content is not available.

Request for send and receive, phone number or email address and date/time.

  • Refer the account holder or authorized contact to Corporate Security for Historic Records Requests.
  • Sprint sends a form to the account holder or a business’ authorized contact (as identified in CSM) which they must notarize and return.
  • Upon receipt of the notarized form, Sprint provides text messaging detail only - for the previous 18 months.


Re: How can I retrieve old text messages?

Unless, of course, you are the NSA. You guys had zero (0) problem with just handing over our personal data and information to the NSA. I don't even think you even asked for a warrant or subpoena.
The ONLY reason I have stayed with Sprint is the fact that your Support teams are outstanding and have NEVER told me the word "No".
Thank them.

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