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How to play MP4 on Windows Media Player...


How to play MP4 on Windows Media Player...

I might of missed the boat on this one, but is their a way to convert MP4 Video's too MP3's to play in Window's Media Player? Everything on computer is up to date.

The issue i'm having is that some will play after i import them into my computer and the others will not play. I took a video at HD (1280 x 720) quality and at High ((640 x 480) quality.... It seems that it is hit or miss... But they are both about 5 mins' long..

I've found a couple app's in app world: Mp3 Media converter and Mp3 Media Converter (neon).. Are these working for people?

Any suggestions?


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How to play MP4 on Windows Media Player...

MP4 Videos cannot be converted to MP3 audio files without losing the video information.

If you have the latest release of Windows Media player you should be able to view it just fine.  3GPP files may need a special codec for Windows Media Player to read them.

Personally I just use the free Quicktime download from Apple to play the videos. 

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How to play MP4 on Windows Media Player...


I acctually just figured it out....

I plugged my phone into the computer, before i was just hitting import pictures and photos.. Well this time i didn't do that, i hit the open folder option. Went to DCIM > 100MEDIA... At this point you see all your pictures and Video's. So i just clicked on it and it played in windows media player with no troubles.. So then i went ahead and drag the file over to my desktop just to double check, and it works from their..

So it seems that if you "import" the video's do not work. But if you open folder to pick which one's you want in the steps listed above it works fine..

I thought about downloading Quicktime and other player options... To share this video here at work, i would have to download the same player to other's computers.. Makes it simple if i can keep it all the same..

But if anyone reads this i hope you get it figured out as well...



How to play MP4 on Windows Media Player...

You can either download VLC Player for free, or download a codec pack like Shark's 007 Codec Pack.  The problem is Media Player doesn't come with the correct codecs to playback mobile videos.


Re: How to play MP4 on Windows Media Player...

You may be interest in this tutorial which I found on Microsoft:

How to Solve "Windows Media Player Won't Play MP4" Issue?

To make WMP support MP4 format, you should install filters for MP4 format and its associated codecs. After you install these filters, all players that use DirectShow technology, include WMP, will support MP4 format. There are a bunch of third party codec packs on the internet that support not only MP4 format, but also many other common formats. Just Google "codec pack", you will find K-Like and CCCP are the most famous of them.

What if you cannot install codec pack? For example, you will play MP4 on other people's computer and you are not authorized to install any program? On this situation, converting your MP4 to WMP natively supported WMV or AVI format is the best choice.

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