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Huge problem with changing GMAIL acount Password

Huge problem with changing GMAIL acount Password

I recently changing my gmail password on my personal computer. As expected I had to change the password my phone was using under the gmail application too. However, this did not sync to the other Android apps on my phone that require gmail passwords such as Maps and the Play Market. What became frustrating was when I tried to go into these apps and change my password (or login) the app would say that an account already existed. It seemed to be automatically entering in the the wrong password and I had no way to change this.

So I went and cleared all the cache memory for these apps and they still didn't work for 20 minutes (my connection was relatively weak, but still there) and then it seemed to magically work.

This must be some type of glitch because I've changed my password before and never had this issue.

Any thoughts?


Re: Huge problem with changing GMAIL acount Password

If you see a triangle in your notification bar - drag it down and select change password.

Reply if this works or if you need additional help.


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