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I actually like the 3D in this phone


I actually like the 3D in this phone

After I got this phone, I went out and bought a 3D monitor for my computer.

Computer 3D monitors generally use either polarization or active shutter, either of which produces some amount of crosstalk (image ghosting). Active shutter can also darken the image and some people report headaches after using it for long periods of time. When I first got the EVO 3D, I thought the parallax would be an inferior 3D solution as it required precise alignment between the eyes and the device, but I have to say I like it a lot better than my polarized 3D monitor on my computer. My phone has no image ghosting, the display is nice and bright, and 3D movies just look better.

From the looks of things, no one is making new 3D parallax Android phones anymore. Sharp came out with a 3D Android phone after the EVO 3D (but the same year), and there have been no new 3D phones since then. That's really too bad. I originally thought the 3D features of this phone was just a gimmick, but it's grown on me a lot and now I'm a little sad that no one else seems to be making 3D phones; when the time comes to replace this phone, I won't be able to get another 3D phone.

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