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Is there a car dock that uses your car stereo?


Is there a car dock that uses your car stereo?

I'd love to have a car dock that i can use for my 3D that uses the car stereo for speakers from music from the 3D.   Do they make something like that?    Like you plug into your cigarette lighter or something of that nature?   If not, then what does everyone use for speakers?    I'd like to get rid of my sattelite radio subscription and use my EVO instead in the car.

Also, is there a hands free feature for the phone you can use while driving?    If you are using a docking system and need to use the phone.    Whats the best/safest way to do that?


Is there a car dock that uses your car stereo?

for the music question i know there are certain kinds of chargers that will link up a radio station that isnt used and put your music and so on through there. havent seen one through sprint but i know theyre out there.

as for the hands free i dont even use mine so im not gonna attempt to even go there on trying to explain it lol

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Re: Is there a car dock that uses your car stereo?

I wanted the official HTC car dock, but it won't work with cases, so I opted for a universal one.  It is a very basic clamp style mountthat can hold the phone in portrait or landscape mode.  It mounts with a suction cup, but also came with a flat disk that so it can hang off an AC vent.  It has no cable connections, and won't automatically put the phone into Dock mode.

My car doesn't have a 1/8" input, so I can run a line directly from my phone, but I do have an FM tuner.  It was relatively cheap, only 8 bucks.  Usually the reception is clear.  It has been running off the same AAA batteries for over 3 months.  I attached the FM tuner to the car mount with velcro.  Kinda ghetto, but it works, and since the FM tuner is pretty small, it's almost unnoticeable.  I also purchased separately, a usb charger that powers from the cigarette lighter, so I only have that one cord to contend with.

My wife's car has a 1/8"input, so when driving in that one, I have the phone connected directly.  Of course the audio is much clearer this way, and dealing with two cables is as easy as one. 

As to the topic question, I know there are car mounts FM tuners built in.  Do an ebay search, and several should show up.


I was incorrect about the AC mount, it's actually a dashboard mount.  Also, I forgot to mention the brand.  It's made by iGrip and I bought it through Sprint.  The other thing I forgot to mention is that this car dock has a removable plate that allows the 3D to remain in a case while it's in the dock.  I doubt a massive case, like the Defender will work, but I've got a Seidio Surface kickstand case and it fits quite well.

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Is there a car dock that uses your car stereo?

well duh i figured it out.

i have an ipod auxillary jack i can use.

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Is there a car dock that uses your car stereo?

Hi NOAHJ1102, something else to consider that more often aftermarket car stereos have HFP (Handsfree profile) and A2DP (Advanced Stereo Distribution Profile) for bluetooth, and can be had at reasonable prices. I've had a Sony MEX- BT2600 for some time now, and love it. although since I started using an android with 2.2 I have had to install Winamp to get back the back/forward track functions. If you go this route you may want to check the reviews to see how well it deals with background noise, the BT2600 does not have noise cancellation.

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