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Locked out my phone!


Locked out my phone!

I was messing around with the security options and i put in a password. It asked for it a second time and it went through. I hit the screen off button and turned it back on and tried putting my password and now im stuck! Im on try 65 and waiting 30 seconds every time 5 tries. I remember my Evo 4G allowed me to use my gmail account to reset. How can i get back into my phone? I cant even answer calls or call Sprint for help.


I am sorry to hear that you are locked out of your phone. The only thing that you may do is reset your phone by using the hardware keys. By doing this will erase all data on your phone such as contacts, text messaging etc. Any pictures or music is saved to your SD card. If your contacts are saved to your Gmail then once you add your gmail to your device, them your contacts should sync back over.

Here are some steps you may want to try to reset your device:

1. Turn the phone's power off. Take the battery out from the device, wait a couple of seconds and reinsert it back again.

2. Gently, Press and Hold the Volume Down button

3. Then also press and hold the Power button until the device turns on

4. A menu will then appear like: Fastbook, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Simlock

5. Just select Clear Storage by pressing the Volume Down button

6. Then press and release the Power button

7. Select Volume Up if YES and Volume Down for NO

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