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Maybe I should take my time to pay my monthly payment.


Maybe I should take my time to pay my monthly payment.

Sprint certanily does take their time pushing updates. It was the same with Samsung, intercept, epic and now Evo 3D.  When they did push to the Epic, the bugs were numerous and frequent, It was so bad I flipped my Epic for the EVO 3D last year at this very time.  Now here I sit a year later in the same boat with a different phone and the same issue.  The only upside is the EVO 3D is a solid phone, unlike the Epic.  Sprint has until the end of July to produce an ICS build, after that XDA here I come, I'll do it myself.

Maybe if we took our time paying our monthly stipend they might change their tune.

I am seriously considering a carrier switch...maybe paying Verizon higher fees = better service.  Time is ticking, 12 more months and my entire family may go poof like happened with AT&T.  I'm having serious doubts that Sprint actually cares about existing customers. I can say the Sprint network is much better than AT&T, but that might not help if Sprint will not support us.

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