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My camera is not working


My camera is not working

What is up with this phone!  I love so many things about it but am sick of the bugs.  The snooze doesn't work, now the camera is not working.  I don't want to take the battery out every day since the otterbox is such pain to take off.  What is going on and when are these bugs going to be fixed?  It's getting annoying!


My camera is not working

We're waiting to hear word on what the next maintenance release is going to address as far as bug fixes are concenerned.  As soon as we get information, one of us techs will be sure to post up on the forums (if users don't beat us to it!) on what and when a release will be available.  I certainly understand the frustrations and apologize for the inconvenience with new devices and unresolved bugs, but please know we are constantly working towards resolving these types of issues.

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