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No archive folders in email?


No archive folders in email?

Why is there no way to save an email to a folder so I can keep it but not have it cluttered in my inbox?

Non-exchange that is.

Guess you could save to sent but that is kinda weird.


No archive folders in email?


Storage space on phones is at a premium and so it is not intended for people to maintain an archive of email on a phone. With both Exchange and Gmail, it only keeps a cache or temporory history of email to allow it to access it when data isn't available. Pop3 and imap email is instead actually downloaded on the phone because of the way those protocols normally function, so the more email on the phone, the less space for other things.

If you are looking for an option to archive the email the email that is accessable through the phone,  you may able to route it through Gmail using gmails ability to act as a client for other mail providers and setup that gmail account as a secondary gmail account on the phone.

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