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No kickstand?


Re: No kickstand?

Thank you for posting the link CODYW311! I truly hope the kickstand is built in but as long as I can at least get a kickstand case I will be ok. I have to have a kickstand though to listen to music and watch videos!


Re: No kickstand?

from the demonstration video i watched on youtube i did not see a kickstand and the lady never said it had one.

Re: No kickstand?

thats because there is NOT one.

They are messing with a slim case which is built ike some of the sedio's that were out for the EVO, and this case will have the stand built in like in the pic above.

I venture to believe that they will either figure a way to make this into a actual battery cover accessory or leave it as is and sell it as an accessory too. Just another way to make $$, same with the power port/MHL port being placed on the side instead of the bottom. Now they will intice you to buy a dock to charge the thing at night if you want it propped up with the desk clock app running. so in the end you will be buying an accessory in some shape or form to get the evo to stand up on the side.

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