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Ok EVO 3D folks...I need to know...


Ok EVO 3D folks...I need to know...

I have a Samsung Epic fail and am thinking about getting either the EVO or EVO 3d.

A few questions:

  • Call quality, how is it? Honestly?
  • How does the ringer sound? Can you hear it with the volume all the way up with the windows down in a car moving @ 60 mph with a loud ringtone?
  • Connectivity - Do you drop more or less calls or is it about the same as your last phone?
  • How does the screen compare to the Epic?
  • Does the GPS work?
  • Should I get the tried and true EVO?

EDIT: What problems are showing early? Should I wait a little longer?


  • Call quality, how is it? Honestly? Honestly I have heard it go both ways. I would say it depends on where you are at.

  • How does the ringer sound? Can you hear it with the volume all the way up with the windows down in a car moving @ 60 mph with a loud ringtone? The ringtone is not as good as the EVO but with the windows rolled down, there is no guarantee whether you will hear the ringer or not.
  • Connectivity - Do you drop more or less calls or is it about the same as your last phone? Once again it will depend on the coverage where you are at.
  • How does the screen compare to the Epic? The Epic as you know has the AMOLED screen which is real nice and the EVO 3D has the qHD screen which is just as nice but if you have it in the 3D mode, it is possible it may give you a headache.It is real hard on the eyes.
  • Does the GPS work? GPS does work.
  • Should I get the tried and true EVO? It all depends on what you are looking for in a phone. The best feature on the EVO 3D is the dual core processor. Now the EVO has a 8.0 MP camera compared to the EVO 3D has 5.0 MP. So these are things that you need to think about.

EDIT: What problems are showing early? Should I wait a little longer? As with any new device, there are always glitches and problems with device that are usually corrected by maintenance releases so again it is your choice whether you want to wait or go ahead and get it now. Remember you always have 30 days to try it out and if not satisfied within 30 days, you can always return it.


Call quality is OK WHEN IT FINDS A SIGNAL.

Rear speaker and ringer are way underpowered as compared to my previous 4G and my wife's EPIC. Useless for videos, You Tube,, GPS in the car with the AC on, etc. I can barely hear it ring if the AC is on in the car or the window is open.

Doesn't so much drop calls as it never gets them in marginal signal areas whereas my 4G always came through.

GPS locks quickly but disconnects way too frequently. (every 7-10 minutes).

Seriously contemplating going back to a 4G this afternoon.

Screen is pissa however  and the phone is fast with the dual core power.


The call quality that I've experienced has been fine, and I'm being honest.  I make calls daily and I have no problems hearing the other person and I've never had to repeat myself to the person on the other end.  I must admit that the speaker quality of the EVO 4G is better though.

I usually have it sitting out; on my desk, the coffee table, etc.  With a moderate level of background noise, I have no problems hearing the ring. My 4G was definitely louder though.  For example, if it was in my desk in my office with the door open and I was down two or three offices away, I could hear it.  Not so with my 3D.  I'd hear from the next office over, maybe the 2nd one, but not three offices away.  When I'm walking, I usually have it in my pocket and can feel the vibration.  There's no way I'd hear the phones ringer in the car with the windows down at 60mph.  However, I have a bluetooth speaker in my car.  It rings really loud and flashes, so it doesn't really affect me.  I've been able to maintain conversations while driving with the windows down via my bluetooth device.

I have not experienced any dropped calls.  My signal strength is the same as I got with my 4G.  The download and upload speeds are the same as I got on my 4G, both on 3G and 4G networks.  My average d/l speed on 3G is 1.2Mbps.  On the 4G network, my d/l speed is around 5Mbps indoors and 8Mbps outdoors.

I know the screen on the Epic is sharper than that of the EVO 4G.  However, I have not done a side-by-side comparison with the 3D.  All I can say is that the images on the screen look fantastic.

I have not had any issues with the GPS.  It has worked flawlessly on my 3D.  The response is fast.  If I don't follow the route, it updates instantly with the new directions.

I loved my EVO 4G.  During the year that I used it, it worked great.  It did everything as advertised, well.  I also love my 3D.  I love the speed.  The faster processor and the dual cores make a difference.  It is readily noticeable when using the 4G and the 3D.  The screen is sharper and more vibrant.  Really, the only thing I miss is the loud back speaker on the 4G.  However, I've simply come to terms with the fact that unless I'm in a very quite room, such as my office with the door shut, headphones are a requirement when watching videos or listening to music.

I have had my phone lock on my twice.  After turning the phone completely off, it wouldn't turn back on until I removed and reinsterted the battery.  I have no idea why this happened, and I have not been able to recreate it.

Whether or not you should get a 3D, or the original 4G, or simply wait is a decision you'll eventually make for yourself, obviously.  For me, I have no intention of giving up my 3D or going back to my 4G.


CALLS ARE HALF THAT OF MY PRIOR 4GEVO. VOLUME IS HEARD FROM THE REAR WITH A NON-VENTED SPEAKER, AS IT WERE IN THE EVO 4G. It crackles alot, when listening at 3/4 volume, and when music is playing through it, it has intermittent crackles. Thats my honest observation after owning an EVO4G for a year, and three 3D's in two weeks. Dont ask please why. Ringers are about the best quality to audio.Connectivity: less dropped calls, BUT! When it comes to data, good luck. It will show full 4g, but will not be getting the signal or bandwidth at times. IF one updates with the latest OTA, like I did, the 4G rsa keys will get scrapped, and wont work. THIS IS AN ISSUE, and do not need replies as to the issue. The screen compared to ANY other phone is superior, EXCEPT when looking within direct sunlight. GPS is highly improved over the 4g evo. There are a few to many issues, but that is to be expected until other revisions of hardware and software rollout to correct these issues. WAIT? I do not EXPECT HTC to redesign this phone for at least a year until they can get thier ROI, and revenue generated sufficient to provide capital to redesigning the 3D. This is my experience of being with sprint for seven years, and 14-20 cells. I am not bashing, but exclaiming true issues. If desiring other input/output, please e-mail me @

Please no FLAMING messages from anyone: they will be reported. That means insults. Thank you.


1. Phone calls for me are good (even when i have 0-1 bar which is most of the time while @ home). 2. I drive a truck for a living and with my phone in a window mount, windows down the ringer is pretty loud. 3. My previous phone was a Blackberry Bold and calls, txt, and email were great. On the Evo 3D almost as good. I have had no dropped calls yet. Only problem has been network problems (outages?). 4. My wife has the Epich and she loves it. The screen is nice on it but i like the Evo 3D's much better. It's a matter of preference though. 3D screen not as bright but i love the 1/4 HD (QHD) display has no pixelation that i have noticed  5.GPS is great thanks to the screen size. My brother-in-law has the original Evo and it is a great phone, but the dual core processor takes it. 3d on phone is good not great. Camera needs to be better (HTC problem). All in all, I love the far no regrets.


Thanks for the replies all, very good info.  I know I asked some questions where "it depends" would've been the best answer, but hey there are no wrong answers. 😉

There are some interesting differences between the EVOs, my daughter absolutely adores her EVO 4g and she's had zero issues with it. Me, I'm more of a geek and buying a piece of tech that is a year old somewhat goes against my grain.  But I don't want to trade one problem child for another if I can help it.

I'm inclined to stay put for a while and see how the kinks get worked out. It's not like I just "Gotta have it!", but replacing my epic IS on the agenda and soon. Oh btw, root and new rom, doesn't fix the epic either. Just in case anyone wondered. 😉

Thanks again for the info. It's a great help.

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