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Radio Resource Interface Shortagem Can't make calls or Receive them!


Radio Resource Interface Shortagem Can't make calls or Receive them!

Over the last 3 weeks I have been experiencing major issues with the Sprint Network. I have never had any trouble with my phone or service until 3 WEEKS ago, That is when Sprint had network outages in my area, Jefferson City,MO. Since then I can't make or receive call, I get radio resource interface shortage errors, I have called Sprint almost everyday and been to the Sprint Store to talk to the tech 3 times, I was told by a case manager my phone would be working by 11:30pm on April 19,2012. It is now APril 20,2012 at 3:45 am and still my phone isn't working. I was told my phone is fine but the funny thing is i have friends and family that can stand right beside me and use their phone all day long without any issues. Sprint promised 2 weeks ago to send me an AIrrave for free, still haven't got it. MY phone is under warranty and they seem like they dont want to send me a new phone, my is under warranty yet. I have been a customer since sprint started cell phone service and I am about done with them, why pay $90/month for service you can't use. This is the same way they did landline service when they were in that business. IF this issue isn't resolved by 12:00pm on April 20,2012 I will be going to another carrier, I will consider my contract void, Sprint can't live up to their end of the contract and I ain't paying for services I can't use. I am tired of the go around-1 rep. blames it on the network and then the others blame it on the phone, tired of broken promises, and tired of running circles and making hour long phone calls and going into the store for dead end answers. The solution could have been resolve easily with seeing if it was a phone issue, just warranty the phone since it is still under manufacturers warranty, but that is to easy to do. I would have had a new phone within 3 -4 days instead of being without service for 3 weeks. ALso they should have sent out the Airrave when promised and they didn't even send that out, another lady in the store today had the same damn problem. If these 2 solutions didn't fix my issue then i damn well know it is a network issue this to damn simple for people to understand. The only time sprint will care is when I don't pay my bill and void my contract on their behalf because tehy failed to meet their obligations, I have made many phone calls, trips to store and have everything documented so they can't say they didn't know of any issues, I encourage everyone to do this to. Now if Sprint wants to get serious about the matter they will call me and send me a replacement phone and airrave like i was promised. I doubt that will happen though. Oh and so they can look in to it ahead of time they can check the address and compare to the towers i use, southampton dr, Jefferson city missouri 65109, being a new street they probably can't find it so they may check for Buckingham Park rd Jefferson City, missouri 65109.i don't even get a 4g signal at all anymore and when 3g worked it faded in and out so bad it was stupid. i look forward to sprints response soon, they know how to get a hold of me if the tech or customer service can read this, maybe someone can fix these issues then and really see if the network is the issue. I don't think it is all the network otherwise my friends and family would have the same issues. I encourage others to post if they have these issues


Re: Radio Resource Interface Shortagem Can't make calls or Receive them!

I'm not in that area, I'm in 11226 but I have the exact same issue with this Radio Resource Interface error.  I've had my HTC EVO 4G for 2 years, never had an issue with this until about 4 or 5 months ago.  It happens at least once a week now.  I think they are doing something to skimp on the network, not reinvesting in their business I would bet, which is causing people to have cell phones that can't actually make calls or receive messages. Luckily my contract is running out in a few months so I will be leaving the Now Network if I don't start seeing some better service now.

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