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Ridiculous phone with endless problems


Ridiculous phone with endless problems

Not even a year after I get this replacement phone am I beginning to have problems yet again. So far at least it hasn't restarted yet. However, it will out of no wear shut down even when the battery is not low. There is delays in text messages. The battery can sometimes drain down even when I'm not using it. I mean why Sprint didn't just give me another phone instead I will never understand or maybe refund my money since they keep giving me defective phones. This is unacceptable behavior from a company. I've been a customer for years now and this is horrible service. Why would you guys even sell such a phone that has all these issues? I'm so sick of sprint telling customers that there is nothing wrong with their phones or that they can't find any issues. I didn't pay so much money to get a defective phone and also did not pay for a horrible phone company's service. I would not waste time calling or going to sprint stores if there was nothing actually wrong with the phone.

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Re: Ridiculous phone with endless problems

This is ridiculous just yesterday at work my phone shut down and the bars were not even in the red zone. This phone is a bogus phone that should not be sold to anyone. This phone is a rip off and sprint is ripping us all off by selling a phone with constant problems. It shut off and wouldn't turn back on until I plugged it to be charged. This is exactly what happened to my last HTC EVO 3D. This means the problems will probably start happening all over again. That is some messed up business sprint is running.

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