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SMS Error: Radio interface shortage


SMS Error: Radio interface shortage

I keep getting this message after sending or receiving a txt. It happens every few weeks and usually keeps happening the entire day for a couple days. This has been happening ever since I got my Evo 3d back in November. I am more then fed up with sprint!!! It's not bad enough that one if their idiot employees completely screwed with my bill 3 days after I got my Evo which cost me hundreds of dollars and numerous device interruptions cause they shut my phone off cause I can't afford 2 pay almost $300 a month since this witch called me, but I've also had to deal with this stupid interface problem!! Someone please help me cause I'm at my wits end with sprint! I'm ready to call a lawyer!!! I can't take it anymore! I'm in the phone with Sprint horrendous customer service more than I talk to my mother!!!


Re: SMS Error: Radio interface shortage

I've been dealing w/ the same issue for the past two weeks. Also, I've been experiencing newtoek busy, try your call again. I don't receive calls in my home; they go straight to vm. I've never had this problem before w/ Sprint.

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