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Should I switch from Epic 4G Touch to EVO 3D?


Should I switch from Epic 4G Touch to EVO 3D?

I rely on GPS navigation quite a lot for personal and business.  Problem is that the Samsung Epic 4G Touch has simply awful and unreliable GPS performance.  I have received two replacement Touches from Sprint to try and correct the problem, but it is apparently inherent in this phone model, because each replacement has been just as bad as the last.  The third phone worked ok (outside) for a day but has since regressed to as bad as the others.  I don't want to keep going back to the Sprint store for refurb replacements that don't work either.

I recently came into posession of a slightly used EVO 3D.  And am thinking of deactivating the E4gT and activating the EVO 3D.

Will I regret this?  I previously had an EVO 4G which had wonderful GPS.  The EVO 3D seems to have very good GPS as well.  But the camera kind of sucks. 

What do you think?


The GPS on the EVO 3d is great but the camera is 5 mp as opposed to the E4gt 8 mp.  I have both phones and in my opinion the E4gt camera is much better.  It boils down to what you use more - the GPS or the camera.  Although I will say that the camera on the 3d always works even if its not as clear, but the GPS on the E4gt sometimes won't work at all.  Rick

Sprint Product Ambassador

Jimmyg402-   You are going to notice a slight difference in battery life as well.  HTC's sense UI overlay is fantastic but tends to brain the battery life a little faster than Samsung's UI overlay.  I've owned both phones as well and got an average battery life of 6-8 hours on the Evo 3D and 9-11 hours on the Epic Touch.  You won't be dissappointed with the Evo 3D's GPS performance.

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