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Sprint Zone offer unknown to Sprint store


Sprint Zone offer unknown to Sprint store

I got a Sprint Zone msg offering 30% off all HTC Evo 3D accesories at my local Sprint store. Well, I just spent 30 minutes at my local Sprint just to buy two accesories.

For some reason that discount wasn't coming up so I showed them the Sprint Zone msg on my phone. He showed the manager, and still no discount. Seems this process repeated a few times before finally getting somewhere (sort of).

First of all, the original prices weren't coming up as posted on the shelf, so he had to fix that. Then the 2 items were rung up with the (I guess) standard multiple accsesory discount of 20%, which had to be charged to my account instead of paying right there. Then he had to get the manager (once again) to approve the extra 10% to be credited on my account. PITA!

Although the sales guy was freindly and cooperative, it just took way too long for this advertised offer to be honored.

Not a great way to keep people shopping at your stores! Next time I'll stick with Radio Shack.

(I couldn't find the proper complaint department on here so I figured I'd just leave my rant here. Any suggestions to send this to the right people would be welcome. Thanks)


Re: Sprint Zone offer unknown to Sprint store

Send store address ,info, date of sale etc to mapesy in private messaging. who has retail contacts to deal with this type of issue.


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