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Stuck at the pull ring to unlock screen


Stuck at the pull ring to unlock screen

This phone is horrible and should not have been sold. Besides having constant problems and not even getting any 4G even though Sprint has been saying they have fixed their towers or such for a while, now it seems the phone will slowly break down. I was going to my phone to unlock the screen and at the pull ring to unlock screen I couldn't pull the ring it just kept bouncing as I tried to touch it or yank it. It was felt as if the screen froze but since I could touch the ring just not actually move it meant that it probably wasn't, I guess. That has never happened before I had to take the battery out to fix this issue and hopefully doesn't happen again. This phone isn't 10 years old it shouldn't be having all these issues. I wish Sprint would start getting better phones.


Re: Stuck at the pull ring to unlock screen


I have definitely been there where my unlock screen freezes so I feel your pain. Sometimes phones, like computers, freeze. The easiest thing to always do is simply to remove and replace the battery. LTE is the future of our old 4G, wimax. We are nearly finished enhancing our network nationwide so depending on where you're located, you may now have LTE in your area. Please provide your zip code and intersecting cross streets when you have a moment so that I can take a look.



Sprint Social Care Team

Re: Stuck at the pull ring to unlock screen

I will private message you that information. Thanks

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