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The EVO 3D sound fix


The EVO 3D sound fix

First I used this fix prior to today's HTC Update,  this should not void you warranty because the program is already in your phone and is used in other markets.  READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS FIRST THEN FOLLOW THEM THE SECOND READ

First call sprint and get your MLS #. It is 6 digits long I had no problem get it from a CS rep

1. Gο tο уουr phone’s dialer аnd dial ##3282#. Thіѕ wіll open up a menu fοr уου.

2. Chοοѕе “Edit Mode” frοm thе provided options.

3. Input уουr MSL іn thе Edit field. specific

4. Aftеr entering, select Advanced Options.

5. Scroll down thе list until уου reach “EVRC-B” option. Enable thіѕ option.

6. Gο tο Home Orig аnd replace іt wіth EVRC-B.

7. Now change Roam Orig tο EVRC-B tοο.

8. Tap “Menu” аnd save changes.

If you have an Airave you can NOT use "EVRC-B" instead use "EVRC" an early version of B. If you don't like it then follow the same process and chose the setting you had prior to changing it. .....step #5

If that's not good enough take of th back cover and enlage the whole SLIGHTLY located under the home icon.

I am not responsible if you mess up your phone, although I haven't heard anyone who has, if you do th preform a factory reset your phone will be just like day one.....P.S. There is a post about the whole search using my screen name


The EVO 3D sound fix

Just double checking what is suppose to be wrong with the sound of the Evo 3D?  The reason I'm asking is b/c mine does not sound as loud as it did when I first got it.  If this is the same problem any or (every) one else is experiencing then I will follow through on the instructions, but if not perhaps I should just leave it alone.



The EVO 3D sound fix

Some say the person you are calling hears a "tin" like tone to your voice higher pitch. Due to noise cancelation stuttering occures because when used like a phone, as opposed to a speaker phone, the second mic picks up sound at a similar level as the mouth mic activating noise cancellation causing studdering.  Making the whole slightly larger fixes the latter issue. Hope this helps,  thanks for the like or plus.


The EVO 3D sound fix

Oh my


The EVO 3D sound fix

Oh no, that sounds awful.  I can't say that I am experiencing that and I hope that I don't.  I suppose then that I will not try to mess around with it because knowing me I will do that and then experience the problem.  The only thing I seem to have experienced is that the speakers (especially when playing music) don't seem as loud as the day I purchased it.  I suppose I can deal with that though.  Thanks again.

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