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Up Time and Awake Time the Same


Up Time and Awake Time the Same

The Up Time and Awake Time on my phone now indicate the exact same time. It wasn't like this originally and began around the time of the last OTA update, but I can't positively confirm that as I didn't check the battery status until a few days afterwards. Its possible its another app causing it, but i've uninstalled any app that I installed or updated over the past few weeks. It definitely seems to be causing the battery to drain a lot quicker.

Anyone else with the same issue? Suggetions?

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Up Time and Awake Time the Same

  Does the screen stay bright the entire time or does it dim?  If it's the latter, then go to: Menu > Settings > Manage Applications > Development and uncheck "Stay Awake”. Also I would ask you to check the software. Software Version: 2.08.651.2. Have you closed all non essential apps, you've not added any new widgets or changed any settings. I would suggest back up your contacts to SD card and do a hard reset.


Re: Up Time and Awake Time the Same

The screen dims, the Stay Awake option is not checked. 

The software version on the phone is 2.08.651.2.

I have tried closing and uninstalling all non-essential apps and all applications that were installed or updated recently.

I was hoping to avoid a hard reset since its such a pain to set everything back up.  However, I guess thats my only option left.

Thanks for the reply.


Up Time and Awake Time the Same

have you done a battery pull yet? pull the battery for a couple minutes + then power it back on. then give it a hour or so and see if its still doing it. recomend doing that before the reset. usually fixes most smaller issues so it might help with this too.. the FR should be the last resort for sure.

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