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What's behind TeleNav crashing/freezing on EVO 3D???


What's behind TeleNav crashing/freezing on EVO 3D???

Before we get started here, know that I'm a tech guru, so no reply will come off as incomprehensible unless written poorly.  I've dealt with several different smart devices over the past decade, ranging from the original CDMA Handspring Treo (300) through the 650 and 700p, into a BlackBerry 8350, and now an iPhone 4S.  Yet even as I have full use of only my right hand, I've been able to navigate, use and troubleshoot each one as the need arises.

Lately, though there's been one issue that has me stumped--and this one's not on any of my devices, but my grandmother's; I had convinced her to sign on to an EVO 3D this past April as her time came to update from a rather finicky Samsung Seek and to drop a "backup" line she'd never used but less than ten calls--ever!  She's now got this gi-normous balance she can't carry--but that's a question for the Plans board, I suppose, and not the issue.  We settled on the EVO as it would consolidate three devices she was shlepping around in her truck into one.  Which is great--except that the one thing we really got it for--saving serious green on navigation--isn't working quite right.  It crashes, and does so rather frequently.  She's scared stiff, always thinking of the "what if...?" scenarios that accompany a failure of a mission-critical service like GPS. In the midst of a route plan, TeleNav drops out, back to the phone home screen, and must be restarted.  And I'm at a loss to zap this annoyance!

I always check for the latest apps on the device from time to time, so I know she's current with software and all as of right now. 

What I want to know is, what can we do to squash this bloody bug before Grandma hits the road again and needs to use nav services?  She's 74, cantankerous, and getting downright sick of things not operating as they should!  And all we wanna do is save paper and ink from all those Google Maps she feels she needs printed!


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