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this should be easy? music playlist


this should be easy? music playlist

First time smart phone owner and I have a question that I know has an easy answer. I have swithced from carring both an ipod touch and a basic  phone. I love to listen to books that I borrow from the library and add to itunes in a playlist. My ipod would bookmark my place each time I switched to something else and then back to the book. It was very easy to link the playlist from itunes using HTC Sync, but everytime I stop the book for any reason, it starts over. Is there an easy fix? Should I upload the Books using a different program? Not a big deal, it would just be nice if it would hold my place.


this should be easy? music playlist

Which reader are you using and where do you buy your books from?

In the Market you can find quite a few e-book readers so another one may do the trick if you are using the standard application.  Also if you buy everything through Amazon you can use the Kindle reader.



this should be easy? music playlist

Thanks for the reply. I knew it would be easy! I had put a playlist shortcut on my homepage. When I played my book from that point it would always restart after doing any thing else. The phone is smarter than I am. There was already a page dedicated to Music so this is where the playlist would stop and save or bookmark my place to continue reading whenever. When I play my book from the dedicated page and I get a phone call, it pauses when I answer, lets my phone call come through the headphones (which is super easy for my older ears to hear and understand the caller) and then the book resumes when I hang up from the phone. I just love my phone   This all allows me to use my public library and visit with my friends and then listen (FREE) to books while I clean and cook for my family which makes the task enjoyable! I can always catch up on emails or do bills during the time it takes at the computer to upload the books. One happy multi tasking mom....

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