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touch screen problem


touch screen problem

i had the 3d since the day it came out... unfortunately i had my original one ran over by a forklift in october... now it seems that the replacement doesn't like cold weather at all.. or anything under room temperature... i touch the screen and it is like there is a fingerprint under that glass that i just start flipping through whatever is selected on the screen and has a mind of it's own copying text or zooming in and out thinking when i actually try to scroll that i'm touching it with 2 fingers... when on the home screen it will try to move my clock because because of whatever is sticking in the screen... i tried googling the problem and haven't seen it anywhere... there are no cracks or scratches...  when i call sprint, the suggestion is to take it to a sprint store... which is an hour away from my house... where i've went before on another issue and mentioned that before it got this bad and they said i'd have to let them reset the phone or do whatever to fix it and come back in a week or 2.. with my schedule i said i would just deal with it for now... but it's becoming more and more of a nuisance every day... anyone else having this problem or have any suggestions???

p.s. my temporary fix for it is put it near the heater in my car for a few seconds and it fixes it until it cools down a few minutes later... or if it's just starting to do it, i'll turn the screen off and turn it back on and it will work for less then 5 seconds.. enough to hang up accidental calls, or get to the home screen...


to be honest it sounds more like a problem with the screen itself than the software itself. only true difference between it working just fine durring hot/warm times compared to cold weather is the moisture in the air. not sure if the repair stores even replace screens anymore or not. you may have to call in to that repair store and find out.

thats my guess

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Yeah that just started happening to me too.. and its getting worse. I too got it on day one...I dropped it once but that was a good 2 months ago and not a bad drop too.I took it to the Sprint store yesterday and they just reboot it which you can do at home and it's still doing it(randomly pushing buttons) If I take it to the service center would I have to pay to get another phone ?



     It does sound like it may be hardware related vs. software, I'm going to send you a private message because I would like to look into your issue further, please check your private messages.


     If we need to replace the device and you have Equipment Service Repair Program, Equipment Replacement Program, or Total Equipment Protection there will be no fee as long as it's not damaged beyond repair such as liquid damaged which it sounds like it's not if they didn't mention anything on your first visit.


I am having the same problem. it is to the point where I even have trouble getting the ring to register when trying to unlock the phone.

Where you able to figure out how to deal with this?


I am having the same problem. My phone randomly acts as if someone is pressing the screen right about where the v appears on the keyboard and where the phone/call button is. If it's acting up and I unlock the screen (sometimes it unlocks itself) it will randomly redial the last person who I called/called me (sometimes even call them twice in one session!). As such the phone has become unusable.


Shagtown, if you have TEP you can take your device into a repair center to be diagnosed for repair or replacement. You can locate the nearest one to you here

Even if you don't have TEP, our technicians can look at your device for you for a $35.00 fee.



Recently I've experienced an unresponsive screen. I get it back by tapping the power button to close the display (but not restart or shutdown), then hitting it again to bring the display back.

I've also experienced random keystrokes (ghost in the machine) when the phone is not even in my hand. This appears to have subsided, though.

There was recently an update to HTC Sense. I called HTC and they seemed to think that may be the culprit.

I confess though, that I didn't really distinguish between Sense and Touch in my conversation with them.

I personally don't think my problem is hardware related. It might be an app that became incompatible when it was updated, or maybe a recently installed app. I'm not-so-systematically removing apps to see if that's the case.


That seems like the problem I'm having, although I don't think there's any connection to the weather. I've been dealing with it too because I really don't have the time to go to the store but it's extremely frustrating.


I ended up having my phone replaced.

Here's something that should help you figure out what's what:

1) go to your phone and dial *#*#3424#*#* (no, really!) This puts your phone in a diagnostic mode

2) you'll see two rows of check boxes; hit the one labeled "Line Drawing Test," then hit "RUN" at the bottom.

3) drag your finger around the screen. I recommend a systematic pattern, such as several full verticals, followed by several full horizontals, and  corner to corner. Use the back arrow to get out of the test.)

If you see any anomalies (some lines don't complete, or take weird hops), run the test again. If you're getting a consistent failure, you can then take it into the nearest Sprint store and show the person serving you. (Note that not all Sprint stores are not alike; some have staff trained in repair and diagnostics, while some are strictly sales.)

That's what I did and it greatly simplified the process of explaining my problem to the clerk. This speeded thing up consderably.

Hope this helps.

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